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October 12, 2006

Query Hell

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The best workshop I attended at the NJRW conference was presented by Nadia Cornier of Firebrand Literary.

The theme she had running through her entire presentation is that your query letter is like a first date. You want to make a good impression. 

That said, it’s only a first date, you don’t want to start planning the rest of your lives together with an agent or editor you’ve just met.  DON’T tell them that you’ve written a ninety-six book series.

Great speaker, good advice. If you ever get the chance to see her speak, I recommend you invest the time.

Someone asked me what my query for Nowhere to Hide looked like. I’m pasting it below, but please understand that it was FAR from perfect.

Dear So and So

I’ve seen that you’ve recently edited/sold blah blah blah.

I was hoping that I might interest you in representing my 75,000 word romantic suspense novel NOWHERE TO HIDE. 

She’s a former thief. He’s a straight-arrow cop.  They’re on the run together, trying desperately to protect an innocent child from a madman. 

Transient waitress, Alex Maguire, is on the run. A woman who trusts no one has been entrusted with the care of a helpless little girl.  Can she keep her safe from The Trust, the evil men who stole her own childhood? Detective Dan Greywolf has promised to keep Alex and the little girl safe.  No matter where they go though, they are unable to hide from The Trust.  And they can’t hide from the attraction growing between them. Alex must trust Wolf with her life, but will she risk trusting him with her heart?


As for my writing background: I’ve optioned one of my screenplays (a thriller), published short stories in online publications, written numerous articles for “ePregnancy Magazine” and had my own columns at both beehive.org and absolutewrite.com. I have also been a member of RWA for two years.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you. 


my email address

another email address

my snail mail

even my phone



  1. Hi Jennifer! I was at that workshop as well. Wasn’t Nadia a trip? So funny!

    I had a blast at the conference. So glad we met. 🙂

    Comment by Rene Lyons — October 12, 2006 @ 3:05 pm

  2. Hey Rene

    Did you get the handouts? I tried to find them on her site, but couldn’t.

    She must be busy selling people’s books or something…..

    Comment by jenniferelbaum — October 12, 2006 @ 3:31 pm

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