Writing Can Be Murder

December 29, 2006

How many?

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I was reading in my 2007 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market (the one I bought after the 2004 version fell out of my bookcase last week and bonked me on the head for no apparent reason other than it HAD to be a sign from above) about Bret Lott.  In the article it says he was rejected 597 times. He aso published more than 60 stories and essays and he’s written 11 books.

So….I was thinking that one of my goals for this year will be to collect rejections (yes, yes collecting acceptances is also on the list) but I’m unsure of how many to shoot for. One a week? One a month?

These will of course include my flash fiction pieces, my short stories, my award-winning but not money-making screenplays, my nonfiction pieces and of course my books.

 Any suggestions? Help me pick a number!


December 22, 2006


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So I’m standing in line at the supermarket minding my own business when all of the sudden I got smacked in the face.


So I look around, ready for a fight, but there’s no one there.

And I realize there something cold and kinda gooey sliding down my face. Ewww!

So I look up to see if the ceiling is falling or something.


Then I realize everyone around me is either in shock or laughing.

I got smacked in the face with a refrigerated biscuit!

Projectile dough!

You know the kind. The ones that come in a can and you “pop” the can and then bake them.

Apparently the can had been in a woman’s cart in the next line and had spontaneously exploded (hitting only me of course!).

So far this week a book fell on my head, a biscuit

December 20, 2006


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Sometimes I need to be hit over the head with something. Today that’s what happened. Literally.

 My Novel and Short Story Writing book fell off the bookshelf (for no apparent reason other than the overwhelming force of gravity) and bonked me on the head. If you’re familiar with the book, you can appreciate the force of the bonk!

 My goal is to finish the first draft of my latest book by the end of the year. Guess I’d better buckle down (and duck!)

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