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February 12, 2007

Speak No Evil

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I’m a difficult reader to please, but I’ve got to say that I was more than just pleased when I read “Speak No Evil” by Allison Brennan, I was overjoyed.

This thriller is so compelling that I picked it up telling myself I’d “just read the prologue” and I ended up reading the entire book! It’s evil! (in the best way possible)

A twisted serial killer (he glues the mouths of his victims shut before torturing them) is on the loose in San Diego and police detective Carina Kincaid teams with Sheriff Nick Thomas, the brother of the prime suspect in the first college student’s death, to stop the murders.

While the reader may not be able to “understand” the serial killer’s deranged behavior, Ms. Brennan does make a convincing argument for the reasons he does what he does. This accomplishes two things, the first being that she truly puts us in the killer’s head, and second, when the killer is finally revealed, he doesn’t come out of left field. (thank you! thank you! thank you!)

The hunting of the psychopath is interwoven with the stories of Nick and Carina and the attraction growing between them. Ms. Brennan has drawn two characters who have both been scarred by evil in the past. Their baggage does not keep them apart, instead it makes them each a worthy partner for the other.

“Speak No Evil” is a page turner worth picking up. Just be warned you may not be able to put it down!

You can read the first chapter of “Speak No Evil” at www.allisonbrennan.com


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