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March 2, 2007

My book is easier to write than your book — or maybe not

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Just had to pass along this post on Tess Gerritsen’s blog where she tackles whether romance writers have it easier than mystery writers: http://www.tessgerritsen.com/blog/


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  1. To me it seems like romance in general is more open minded to the other genres, more than the other genres are open to us. Mind you, I have heard some historical fans say they hate paranormals and wish they’d stop being written. Or Inspirational fans wonder how and who would ever want to read erotic romance. But by and large, I think romance writers are more accepting. There’s room for everyone in our genre. Room to take our books in all different directions. I think Ms. Gerristen has made some very valid points. Some things I’ve thought myself a time or two. I don’t really understand the irrational hate other genres have for romance when underneath it all, we’re all writers. The only thing I can think of is…none of those nay saying, romance-hating writers have ever fallen or been in love before. They don’t understand the rush of excitment, the thrill of the chase, or just the plain exhilaration of connecting with another human. Are their homelives unsatisfactory? I really wonder these things. And I think it’s very sad. This year one of my goals was to re-expand my reading horizons. I’ve read so much romance while studying the market that I wanted a differen perspective. I’ve picked up a lot of sci-fi from my local library, books that I thought wouldn’t have a prayer of having a romance in them at all. Boy was I surprised. Though they didn’t have romance as a major part of the story….they did have romances in them…every last one of them. And these were written by Hugo and Nebula award winning sci-fi authors, so far away from romance that they’ve probably never stood in the romance section of their local bookstore, but there it was in their books. And I was kind of stunned and proud of them. I think a book without some kind of romantic angle is an incomplete story. Love is what makes the human species thrive. Without giving love and romance its due, you’re only telling half your characters’ stories. And why would anyone want to read only half a story?


    Comment by Kat Mancos — March 6, 2007 @ 5:23 am

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