Writing Can Be Murder

April 6, 2007

Strange pairs

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What is the universe trying to tell me?

 That’s what I’m wondering lately. I’ve been told some strange things over the past few weeks, and while I would have ignored them if I’d only been told them once, I’ve been told them all twice, by different people, in different contexts.

Here are a couple:

1) I’m getting younger

 Okay, I’m not getting younger (just had a birthday last month) but apparently I’m looking younger. (This from the person who when I was 18 could waltz into a 21-and-over place without getting proofed while the 27 year olds I was with all got proofed.) Someone told me that my younger sister looks older than me (which made me want to stick out my tongue and do a happy-dance — a very mature reaction to be sure) and then someone (okay TWO someones) asked if my friend who is less than 10 years older than me was my mother. My friend has Energizer Bunnyish energy and I’m a tortise, so I didn’t understand this at all.

2) I should be a Stand-Up Comic

TWO different people have told me that over the  past two weeks. According to them, I am SO funny, hilarious, my observations crack them up, blah, blah, blah.

Isn’t that strange? (Esp. since just the idea makes shy me want to barf)

 2) In the same vein: I should write humorous books (this idea at least doesn’t make me want to puke)

Two OTHER people have told me that recently. I don’t write funny books. I write doom and gloom and suspense and dead bodies.

I am not funny. I’m serious. I’ve always been “the serious one”. (I’ve also ALWAYS been “the world’s biggest worrier”.)

Apparently people no longer think I’m serious, they think I’m funny (and young!). So I’m left wondering if my perception of myself is outdated and if I should be giving more credence to my funny (and younger!) side.

Which got me to thinking about my characters in my WIP — how they view themselves vs. how the world perceives them.  Maybe I’m not using that enough. Maybe that’s what the universe is trying to tell me. Or maybe my characters should be younger, or maybe, just maybe, I should be writing funny books.

How often does your “real” life influence your fictional life?


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