Writing Can Be Murder

May 29, 2007


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So I’m flipping through TIME Magazine and there’s a full page ad that says:

10 Billion Dollars

Contributing to the development of knowledge and culture

 His Highness Sheikh Momhammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the establishment of his foundation with an endowment of 10 billion dollars, focusing on human development in the region. The foundation will facilitate and promote knowledge creation and dissemination, and will nurture future leaders, providing them with equal opportunities with the aim of building a knowledge-based society.

 Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation


 And I went “Huh?” 

So I went to the website and again went “Huh?” because for the life of me I can’t figure out what the point of the ad is. Can you?



  1. Hi,

    The whole idea behind the foundation is to provide equal opportunities for people in the region to have access to quality deveopment and education. These opportunities will be provided in many different forms, some of which include scholarships, funding research and so on … Some of the money will also go to building knowledge centres ( i dont want to use the world library as it will be much more than that).

    The great thing about this initiative is that it will be open to a very wide geographical range and not just for peple of the United Arab Emirates. In my personal opinion, the greatest thing about it is funding research which is severely lacking in the Arab World.

    I hope this will motivate other great leaders to follow in His Highness’ footsteps and focus on developing the Arab world.

    Hope that helps clarify a few things 🙂

    Comment by sara — May 29, 2007 @ 11:52 am

  2. We had a a similar full page advertisement in Economic Times, Bangalore, India. YES.
    I was blown away by the scale {…obviously amount 🙂 }

    I have assessed knowledge regions for a while (my website isn’t showing anything
    though; it has been that way for a while) and this one beats everything in terms of push. The advertisement says something:”We mean business”. Believe me, I have spent exactly half my career in the Silicon Valley and half in Bangalore, I see a thoughtful approach; but outcome is to be seen.

    Beyond that, I do see requirements (read it as ‘gaps’) for movements on self-conviction as well as externalised proof-of-deliverables…, for ‘technology’ can be
    bought but not the ‘knowledge’. So, then, who are going to plan ‘transformation’?
    … I guess such a large effort shall embark on transformation of region & even society. That brings me to say, how is knowledge realised in all its 3 key seed incarnations:
    Absorbption, Transformation & Creation? …and most importantly, which/what are the key application drivers that will drive the whole thing.

    In all, yes…, the advertisement sums it up…that knowledge is power. (Pure technology
    is fun with shelf life like Apple iPod and pure knowledge is contentment but ineffective
    as it can’t create iPod….:-); south Bangalore was latter & moving rapidly up the scale).

    Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai & Bangalore. The winner is expertise in knowledge
    mining 🙂 Welcome to new uncharted territory!!!

    Comment by Vish — May 30, 2007 @ 1:46 pm

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