Writing Can Be Murder

September 28, 2007

Process or Product?

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Do you spend more time obsessing over your writing process or your product?

 I know people who mostly talk about their product. It’s as though they’ve snapped their fingers and it suddenly appeared and they only talk about what’s on the page.

Then of course I know people who mostly talk about their process. How hard it was to write such-and-such a scene, or where their inspiration came from, or how well everything clicked.

Me? I’m really not much of a talker, but when I do, I think that I spout a pretty even mix of process and product.

What about you?


September 27, 2007


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Last night,  just before we turned off the TV we saw an ad for “Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead”

Click. Off went the tv.

And I tried, I really tried, while lying there in the dark, to not blurt out what I was thinking, but I couldn’t help myself. “Hey, know what I saw the other day?”

Poor, suffering, sleepy DH says, “What?”

“An ad that said “Merv Griffin presents Lisa Williams” you know, that psychic chick who talks to dead people.”

And he tried, I could tell he tried, but he couldn’t help himself, he chuckled. “You are the definition of irreverent,” he muttered before going to sleep.

September 25, 2007

Forbidden World:Ambrax

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In a rush this morning because I’m running out to have blood taken (not by a vampire, though I did recently read a book about a sexy vampire…kinda) but I wanted to let you know that Bernadette Gardner has a hot! hot! hot! new erotica title out: Forbidden World: Ambrax.

 I had the privilege of reading this a short time ago and I loved Lea and Damen’s story.

Check it out! http://www.bernadettegardner.com/

September 24, 2007

Is there such a thing as too much explanation?

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The other day I had dinner with a writer friend and at the end of our evening we started talking about the Harry Potter books — NO SPOILERS, promise! —

She’s only read through book four so it wasn’t like we were discussing details about book seven, but I told her that I didn’t like it. (yeah, yeah, I know, I deserve to be flogged) Then it occurred to me that she would probably love it for the very reason I disliked it — it’s full of explanations.

This friend of mine wants the explanation to everything. That’s her personality. She likes to understand the WHY of everything and she’s very good at filling in the “why” when she writes.

I on the other hand don’t particularly like explanations. I like snapshots. I like moments. That’s what most movies, books, and plays are — little glimpses into lives.  And really, when you think about it, that’s what life is. We don’t know the intimate life histories of most people we know, we just know the tiny bits we see.

I think that’s why I don’t like explanations in books, they’re too easy.  In life I’m always guessing as to why a person does what they do (okay, most of the time I really don’t care why, I just care how their actions impinge on me).

Do YOU think there can be too much explanation in a book?

September 21, 2007

Talking to myself

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I haven’t blogged in a while for a couple of reasons.

 1) I’m busy, busy, busy

2)  Because I’m busy, I’m tired

3) I get tired of hearing myself talk

I talk to myself a lot. I talk to characters. I talk to my imaginary critique partner. I say WTF a lot — an awful lot.

Like yesterday. I drove through a section of a town I hadn’t been through for a while and I was pleased to see that the gun shop that had opened there a few years ago had closed  (not a big fan of firearms) but what blew my mind, and by blew my mind, I mean I thought about it for the rest of the day and I’m still thinking about it this morning, was the shop that replaced The Bullet (or whatever the “oh we’re so clever” dumb ass name was for the gun shop).

A psychic set up shop in the gun store building!  Now, I’m no expert or anything but wouldn’t a place that sold implements of destructions have bad karma or give off bad vibes or something?

So I started spinning a story. A psychic inherits a store front. Unaware that it was a gun store, she sets up shop. Soon strange and creepy things start happening and psychic woman is burning sage and lighting candles and doing whatever else will cleanse the place, but it doesn’t work. Then the ghost of a man who was murdered by a gun that was sold at the gun store shows up. Together the psychic woman and the murdered man’s ghost must solve the mystery of his death.

 I’ve got a bunch of scenes worked out in my head. I’ve talked about them to my imaginary critique partner. I know how I’d open the story and I know how it ends.

But here’s the thing, I’m NEVER going to write it. Why? Because I’m too busy.

So why the hell am I talking about it?

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