Writing Can Be Murder

November 15, 2007

Sister Sister

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Lately I’ve been obsessed with thoughts about the dynamics of sisters. The two sisters in my WIP barely know one another. It’s tricky writing about their relationship, because relationships with sisters are tricky (at least for me).

I’ve got a sister. We’re not close (which is weird because we were really close as kids). Now it seems like we have nothing in common except biology and a shared history. She has the unique ability to aggravate me more (and faster) than other person on the planet. 

To be fair, my problems with my sister tend to stem from the expectation (which is totally my responsibility/fault) that my sister will behave like my friends. Logically, I know this is unfair since I’ve chosen my friends because of who they are and my sister is just not that kind of person. Still, I put myself on the emotional rollercoaster of setting my expectations too high and then dealing with the crashing disappointment that follows.

As a result of this complicated relationship, I find it easier to explore serial killer’s motivations, than to explore the complicated dynamics of a sister relationship.

What do you avoid writing about?

 Speaking of sisters: My friend Paula just ran the NYC Marathon (Go Paula!) with her sister. Isn’t that cool?



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