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December 30, 2007

Ending the year with good news

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No, not mine.

BUT if you’re looking for good news Beth Ciotta’s got it in spades


 Congrats Beth!


December 26, 2007

It’s all downhill from here

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Today on my walk, when I reached the top of the last hill, I muttered aloud, “it’s all downhill from here”. This was definitely a good thing because it was cold (37 but “felt like” 32 according to the weather station) overcast, slightly damp, windy, and generally gloomy. I was glad to be heading downhill, toward home.

This got me to thinking about writing books, or plays, or articles. At some point you reach the top of your last hill. All your hard work has led to the moment where all you’ve done pays off, and you can enjoy the downhill momentum, and coast through the homestretch.

 As we reach the end of the year, take a moment to enjoy the “downhill” as we hurtle toward the end of the year. There will be plenty of time to climb the hills and scale the mountains in 2008.

December 24, 2007

Twas the day before

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Twas the day before Xmas and all through the house,

not a creature was stirring  not even my spouse,

 the computer was turned on with nary a care,

in hopes that an acceptance letter soon would be there…

Okay, okay, I suck at the whole parody thing. but I started out the day with some fun news —  I won a few books!

I won four books by the oh-so-talented-and-geez-I-covet-her-career Allison Brennan www.allisonbrennan.com  If you like romantic suspense (more suspense than romance) you should check out Ms. Brennan’s books (but make sure you read the trilogies in order!)

from the folks at Murderati www.murderati.typepad.com/murderati

What a wonderful way to start the week!

December 19, 2007

Nelson’s stats

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Kristin Nelson of the Nelson Literary Agency posted her stats for the year on her blog (which is MUST reading for me most weekdays). The numbers were interesting, so I thought I’d share:


 EDITED TO ADD: Jennifer Jackson at Donald Maas did the same


Not everyone loves chocolate

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I don’t LOVE chocolate…I like it just fine, but I don’t flip over it. Sometimes when I tell people this, they look…shocked.

The reason I’m thinking about chocolate, is that I’m really thinking about books, or more specifically rejections.

I started The Davinci Code, a couple of weeks ago. I put it down, and haven’t picked it up since. It just didn’t hold my interest. Didn’t love it.

DH is reading The Kite Runner — I couldn’t get into it…at all…didn’t finish it.

These are two wildly popular books and neither does a thing for me. That’s not a reflection on the books, or their writers. It’s just a matter of my personal taste. If I was an editor, I wouldn’t have agreed to publish either of these manuscripts.

Keep that in mind the next time someone rejects something of yours.

December 18, 2007


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Why do garbage men wear Santa hats?

December 17, 2007

Chocolate + pretzels = yum!

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Here’s an EASY, fun, and quick little gift to make for someone this season. You can make as many, or as few as you’d like.

 Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Take a small square pretzel.

Top with a Hershey’s kiss  (I recommend dark chocolate, because it won’t melt too much)

Put in the oven for ONLY 60-90 SECONDS (until chocolate is SLIGHTLY soft)

Top each kiss with an Kissable (or M&M)

Stick in the fridge for 15 minutes.


I stuck mine in individual cupcake cups and they looked festive!

December 13, 2007

I dream of

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a vertical line.
I’m sick. I have a miserable cold. It’s the second cold I’ve had this season, and it’s only the middle of December. Of course, I did fly twice in a week, so I should expect to be sick, right?

 So the other night, desperate to get some sleep, I took a couple of Nyquil. Big mistake.

I got caught in one of those endless loop dreams. This one was about a vertical line. Couldn’t cross it. Couldn’t go over or under it. Couldn’t turn it on its side.

Now I know the dream really wasn’t about a line. It has to be about an obstacle that I can’t figure out how to overcome, right? Problem is, I’m not sure which of my dilemmas it was about.

Unless of course the line, was really an “I”. If that’s the case, then the dream did its job. Yesterday I had the brainstorm to write my latest piece in first person (something I’ve never done, and I’m really leery about, but feels SO right).

Do you dream about your writing?

December 12, 2007

Amazon recommends what???

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I have eclectic reading tastes to say the least, but even I’ve got to wonder what computer program matched these two.

Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life by Steve Martin  was recommended because in the past I’d bought:

The Last of the Hitlers by David Gardner  (which btw, is a much more interesting concept than actual book)

What’s next? The Mating Habits of Frogs???

December 11, 2007

She likes it, she really likes it!

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I recently sent my latest manuscript to a non-writer friend to get an opinion from a “real reader”.

She liked it.

 She figured out one big part of the puzzle, but she didn’t get another.  What else could I ask for?

And she asked the all-important question: “When do I get to read the next one?”

Life is good.

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